An Indian male student who is in the age bracket of 15 to 25 years and is looking for admission in Manasa Jobs Academy needs to come to Visakhapatnam Railway Station Bus no 400 to Academy or you can call us to guide you. On arrival at academy,  when you are satisfied with the standard and quality and intend to take admission, you need to pay admission fees of Rs. 5000/- , thereafter you are sent for Medical checkup by military Surgeons. If you are unfit in medical you will not be given admission and your admission fees of Rs. 5000/- is also refunded same time, no amount is charged thereof. 


Medical fit students are issued with Medical fitness certificate which is required for selection in government jobs. The student has to pay Academic fees before joining, parents are too make their own arrangement for stay at night and students seeking admission will be allowed to join training only after he it's issues with admission kit and ID.     

  • Medical checkup! (By the doctor of the military)

  • Departmental Trained Instructors!

  • Selection Rapid Training!

  • Interview Facing Tactics!

  • Daily Physical Training!

  • Yoga and Gym daily!

  • Training of Group Discussion!

  • Stage Speech Training!

  • English Speaking Course!

  • Personality Development Course!

  • Every boy is given a call letter.