Specialities Of Manasa

  • 1. The Best Academy of India (Declared by Central Govt. of India.)

  • 2. We don't harass or cheat students or parents. 

  • 3. This is not an commercial Institute but honestly a training Academy for central government jobs. 

  • 4. We believe in "Job" not in degree or certification. 

  • 5. Every body at Manasa is hard core honest. 

  • 6. The Biggest and Oldest Defence Academy of India.

  • 7. We provide full time (AM TO PM)  real job training. 

  • 8. Manasa has its own hostel campus, Swimming pool, ground, gym

  • 9. Daily Physical Training, Gym and Yoga. 

  • 10. Stage speech therapy. 

  • 11. Personality development course. 

  • 12. Interview Facing Tactics. 

  • 13. English speaking course. 

  • 14. Medical checkup for Govt. jobs by Military Surgeons. 

  • 15. India's only registered Trade Mark ® Academy. 

  • 16. Very tasty veg/non veg, south/north Indian food. 

  • 17. NDA,  SSB,  SSC etc.  Training. 

  • 18. Experienced and highly trained teachers and instructors.

  • 19. 90 Feet National Flag

Licence for central govt.jobs

Note: -  Manasa is job placement academy, don't take it as a college or a school , by so you will impair its dignity and mess with your future. If don't get admission in Manasa , you will take admission else where. Wherever you study you will get only a certificate to search for a job, not a job, but Manasa gets you a job and a Degree for your future aspiration and promotions. So understand the importance of Manasa for your carrier and pay attention to the rules and regulations here. Because in our country there is no other (® Job Placement Academy).

best defence academy in india

        WHY MANASA IS DIFFERENT TO OTHER                                       ACADEMIES...........?